What are Biometrics?

The ADDER facial biometric solutions offer capabilities of the most advanced and convenient face identification systems at a reasonable cost:
Fast and accurate face localization for reliable detection of multiple faces in still images as well as in live video streams.
Simultaneous multiple face processing and identification from a single frame.
Fast matching of face templates for handling identification task with large databases of faces.
Small face template size for custom applications to handle large databases of faces.
False Rejection Rate varying from 1% to 5%, depending on configured FAR, camera type and lighting conditions.
Features generalization mode for combining features from several templates to improve the reliability of matching without affecting the template size.

ADDER facial biometric solutions provides the ability for integrating a wide range of facial identification systems, including:

Access control
Attendance control
Customer relationship management (CRM)
Identity verification

A person’s unique facial features create positive identification – giving a much higher level of security and reliability. A simple camera observes each face at the point of entry and the system checks it against a claimed identity, all within a fraction of a second.

Whether in identity verification (one-to-one) or in matching an individual identity to an entry in a database or ‘watch list’ (one-to-many), ADDER facial biometric solutions deliver quick, effective, secure and reliable means of establishing that the people you’re dealing with are who they say they are.