Fuel PoS Integration

ANPR, CCTV and Analytics integrated into your current fuel dispense system

Event-driven security with targeted advertising

With the constant increase of fuel prices we can expect your customers losses will increase with it. Drive offs and shop theft are the main target areas forecourts face, This may be from a small jerry can of petrol, a lorry full of diesel or even internal credit card fraud. Adder digital don’t just provide you with a CCTV solution, but we can provide you and your customer a completely integrated platform

So not only will you help protect the forecourt from drive offs by using the latest in IP high-definition cameras and ANPR, keeping sticky fingers out of the tills but you will also help increase customer product awareness by using the integrated targeting advertising.

By linking our platform to your customers existing fuel and retail pos systems you will be providing them a way to reduce losses and increase sales.

The latest full integration project has been with Tokheim, with the development and integration of core systems Tokheim eye was born (see below for more information)


Tokheim Eye

Tokheim EYE is a powerful but easy to use digital camera surveillance system designed for petrol stations. Tokheim EYE stores relevant images – so you can quickly view images captured from the cameras as soon as movement is detected. Tokheim EYE stores the receipt number and filling number together with the images; this unique connection means that you can retrieve images of events or a particular filling or transaction by receipt or filling number or alternatively images by date and time.View of the teaching area

Tokheim EYE is packed with innovative new features such as ‘drag and drop’ media screens, images of motorists fuelling displayed on the till, advanced warning systems plus automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). A smartphone app is also available so customers can track what’s happening on their site while they are on the move.

Tokheim EYE has successfully been installed across a number of countries across Europe, ranging from the individually owned petrol stations; group owned motorway services stations and fully automated unmanned petrol stations. If you require any more information then please contact us.