Retail Support

Increase Profit Margin And Reduce Internal Theft

Credit Card Machine

The Centre for Retail Research has found that :

“theft by store employees is much greater than has hitherto been supposed. In addition to direct theft by staff, it draws attention to collusion. Staff-related crime was responsible for 50.8% of total store theft.

Main methods of retail employee theft

The study examines some of the main methods used by store employees to steal including wearing or carrying merchandise out of the store, bogus refunds, taking cash from the till, grazing and loyalty card fraud. “

ADDER Retail Support had been developed to assist the retail sector to combat this real & present threat to retail profits.



ADDER Retail support provides an intelligent relationship between CCTV and till events, this is achieved by dynamically scanning the till events on a “live” or post event basis to detect critical events, i.e. refunds, credit notes, loyalty cards, etc. These till events are then packaged along with the associated CCTV video and audio to create packages of information allowing simple further
investigation to take place.

ADDER Retail Support is provided as a software upgrade to new or existing ADDER Digital CCTV Systems & is compatible with a wide range of Till & EPOS systems.

Our in-house development team in the UK can also provide custom integration of your existing EPOS system should it not already be fully supported.