Digital IP Video Wall

Display It Your Way

Manage Multi-Site & Multi-Camera Systems With Ease

Video walls for control rooms and security offices have always been essential, but they are normally complicated and slow to respond to a situation. At Metro we are always moving forward with technology, and take pride in being the first to try something new. With our video wall technology combined with an Adder Digital Technology’s DVR you will be the one in control. Using a IP software video wall no longer has the limitations that analogue system do.


Video wall matrix software explained


We have taken digital video streams and put you in complete control of them.
At a touch of a button you can have all your entry doors on a screen and all your perimeter cameras on another, the amount of sites, cameras and large display walls are limitless.

Some of the key benefits are:

  • No more being limited to how many view screens you can have, if you have the space you can have the screens
  • Time profiles to automatically change the screen layouts
  • Sequence between single cameras or sequence between multi-camera screen layouts
  • If you don’t know what camera relates to where on your site, “Problem solved” use the map interface to get to a needed camera quickly.
  • Have as many pre-sets as you like
  • Connect to systems on your LAN or to remote sites via the internet (video speed is dependent on your connection speed)
  • Have multiple user interfaces

Below is an example image of the User Interface, the main wall will consist of your screens and the selected camera views.